After the Ark (New York Quarterly Books, 2011)

ark_cover “In After the Ark, Luke Johnson carefully ensures the “tautness of the line” between witness, elegy, and survival—the poems documenting finally an arrival at the place “where the flood has become the body.” This beautifully made collection is the welcome work of a poet crossing the threshold of a remarkable career.”
—Claudia Emerson

“Luke Johnson is a poet with a keen and open eye—open to human failings, human feelings, and to the hard specifics of the natural world in which and through which we live and love, betray and atone, are abandoned and are found. His language is as clear as his eye, and his poems are for all those who care deeply and remain open to the often painful complexities of that caring.” —R. H. W. Dillard


Best New Poets 2010 (edited by Claudia Emerson)

3351768Includes the poem “Remembering the Old Testament While Walking the Dog” (originally published in Third Coast)





Best New Poets 2008 (edited by Mark Strand)

Includes the poem “Poinsettias”9522150






A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry (edited by Stacey Lynn Brown & Oliver de la Paz)

6546455Includes the poem “Doomsayer”