Poem featured by The Southern Review

The poem “The Hike Is Marriage, the Water Is Love” was featured on the homepage of The Southern Review, and is included in the audio gallery for the Summer 2014 issue (here). The issue in which the poem appears can be purchased here.

After the Ark reviewed at American Microreviews

In the first installment of the website American Microreviews, Dana D. Livermore had this to say about After the Ark:

Johnson skillfully interweaves domestic scenes that reveal the complexity of family relationships in the aftermath of loss with those of the various pastoral landscapes to which we are compelled to return, again and again.  Through the lightness and malleability of language, these poems balance the weight of loss, the oft times alienating grief that ensues, and the uncertainty that our faith in remembrance is a means for atonement.   For anyone who has lost a parent, this collection belongs on their bookshelf because it offers readers the opportunity to appreciate what remains after the flood: the ark as a vessel brings forth a pure awareness of life in all its struggles and triumphs.”

Read the full review here.

Finalist for the Ruth Lilly Fellowship

After the Ark featured at Farley’s Bookshop in Philadelphia, PA5408313
After the Ark was named as the first choice in Anis Shivani’s Huffington Post 20 Of the Best Books From Independent Presses You Should Know About.”

After the Ark named #2 on Poetry Foundation Small Press Best-Seller list